Marcer Campbell

Sunday 11 October–24 October 2009


In Plain View- New Paintings by Marcer Campbell

Marcer has produced a body of landscape based painting, themed loosely around the concept of everyday subject matter, not obviously lent to formal, figurative composition.

The exhibition comprises a series of  ten paintings, with an emphasis on places and objects people may often come across, but overlook, in their day to day lives. The forgotten, overgrown corner of a back garden; an old disused outbuilding with attendant debris; the things we pass by or take for granted as something ordinary and not worth a second glance. These places can evoke their own perculiar beauty and have their own particular story to tell.

Titles and Prices.


  1. Double Yellows (48x55cm) - £375.00
  2. Roadside (60x53cm) - £400.00
  3. The Back of Ours (61x54cm) - £300.00
  4. Winter Feed (50x55cm) - £375.00
  5. Ocassional Haunt (60x50cm) - £375.00
  6. Pea Pod Patch (40x50cm) - £300.00
  7. Bramble Patch, Blue Wall (28x30cm) - £220.00
  8. Track and Field, Study I (30x24cm) – £160.00
  9. Saplings in Scrub (30x24cm) - £160.00
  10. Clear Spot (70x80cm) - £550.00