Sleepless in Dalbeattie — the artists

Candida Bradley and Rosa Stone, two Design graduates from Salford University, spent a fortnight in Dalbeattie exploring the surrounding countryside and lifestyle of the town.  Candida is a Book Artist who produces traditionally bound books as well as artistic pieces, whilst Rosa’s focus has been on working with textiles and graphics.  As city-dwellers they were inspired by natural patterns that abounded in the plant life as well as the cultural identity of the area.  The colourful history of Dalbeattie and plant forms they discovered provided an energy and inspiration for the pieces they created. 

The artistic residency gave Candida and Rosa an opportunity to work in a new space and the freedom to be inspired by their surroundings. They spent a fair amount of time researching the area and visiting areas of interest such as Kirkcudbright, Rockcliffe and Dalbeattie Museum.

Both of them found the experience a real challenge to their creative processes and coming from different artistic backgrounds they were able to bounce ideas off each other and share concepts and skills.  Mounting an exhibition in a fixed period of time helped them to develop their way of working and gave them the opportunity to meet some lovely people.