A Gallery and Art Space in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway

Our Mission

The Nail Factory     The Nail Factory
The Nail Factory and its adjoining garden offer a multi-use, interactive art space, which hosts temporary exhibitions, provides live-in studio space for artists and a venue for workshops for children and adults. The aim is to provide support for up and coming artists, using Dalbeattie Forest and the Solway coast for inspiration or simply to offer a space in which to create and pass on creative skills.

Other local art venues may be found at the official Dalbeattie websites dalbeattiematters and dalbeattie.net.


The Nail Factory

Between scheduled exhibitions there is usually work on display at The Nail Factory, often by local artists. If the gallery is not open you can arrange to visit the gallery by contacting the curator. Most of the work on display is for sale and many of the artists are happy to arrange purchase by instalments for larger pieces.


The Nail Factory takes its name from what is understood to be the original purpose of the building which is believed to be between two and three hundred years old, most likely dating to the early to mid-1800s: a period which saw the town become a thriving centre for granite quarrying.

Major alterations were carried out in the 1930s during which time the building was used as a scout hut, a name by which it is still sometimes referred. Latterly it had fallen into disrepair but has now been restored to provide a light and sympathetic space in which creative art can flourish.

More information on the history of Dalbeattie and the surrounding area can be found at Dalbeattie Museum.

Dr P. Whitty has provided detailed notes on the history and restoration of the Nail Factory.
The Nail Factory
The Nail Factory
The Nail Factory
The garden area featuring sculptures by Peter Dowden.